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Art for curtains or sofa 2017

Creation of manufactured authenticity

When I walk in Dakar's streets, in handcraft villages, I see almost everywhere paintings which seem to be creates by the same artist, so striking are their resemblances.

These paintings seem to me to be an evocation.The one of an imaginary postcard ...

I perceived the will to be in agreement with a certain fantasy idea of Africa which could satisfy the traveler's picking.

But then, those imagined paintings, fantasies for tourists  for more than 40 years, are they not a madeleine de Proust dried and polished by the sahelian wind ?

In artistic practice, this art called "from airport" is created sequentially : the background, the motif, the dominant color.

Then, indefinitely, the same values are taken up and declined with different colors, such as an unconscious performance.

I wonder then what is the part of authenticity remaining? What is the fabricated part of it?

What if we deconstruct those paintings?


Creation of the artwork “Art for curtains or sofa”

Starting from the basis of the two recurring elements in the composition of those paintings, the colored backgroung

and the typical pattern, I add a third element which is the visual representation of touristic consumerism.

Creation of 19 paintings of size 30cm * 30 cm


Creation of a QR code painted on 30cm * 30cm canvas

Decomposition and trimming of all the elements of the 19 paintings according to the equation:

Colored background + typical motif + visual representation of the tourist consumer = one painting







                                              +                                       +                                      =



Creating a database with these elements.

Creation of a generative algorithm in relation to the database.

Implementation of an online algorithm on the web, accessible by reading the QR code embedded in the work.


An absurd language comes to life, the three-by-three components of the matrix adapt and replace each other, an equation without affect or sensitivity where rhythm, form and color alone are masters of perception.

Thus artworks the algorithm, generating at infinity, such as the rhythm of workshop painters producing chain, coupled with the rhythm of taking digital photos in an Instagram format.






Mél-odile (création) , Moustapha kalil Ouattara (développement algorithme), GawLab


Création :


Algorithme développé par :

Moustapha kalil Ouattara kalilouat@gmail.com

Supervision générale
Praline Barjowski

& Gawlab


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